Saturday, October 26, 2013

Saturday...something free!

Wow the week just got away from me!  We had a training day on Monday and then a record day on Friday.  That meant kids only three days and the loss of two planning periods.  YIKES...I miss those periods to catch up in my classroom.  Bottom line we filled the week with Red Ribbon activities and Bats!  I also was able to fit in a cumulative math assessment for 1st quarter, writing assessment using informational text, and updating my DRA's all so that I could complete Progress Reports on Friday.  Now it is Saturday and I am finally taking a deep breath.  Our first Parent/Teacher Conferences are just a week away.  More on that to come.
 November is going to fly by!  Starting with a three day week, then two full weeks before a two day week and Thanksgiving.  That only allows for 15 teaching days.  I am going to try to plug in Hibernation/Migration, Colonial/Native Americans, and a little Turkey fun.
Despite all I was doing I got busy coming up with a few activities for Sarah Morton's and Samuel Eaton's Days.
Hope you can use them.  Michele

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  1. Wow! These activities are wonderful. Thank you so much for taking the time to share. Your creativity is inspiring. Thanks again!