Tuesday, May 27, 2014

And just like that it is Tuesday!!

How great is that?  For those of us still plugging away that is pretty great!  Although with assessments, finishing up IAT's and IEP's, completing grade cards, and planning end of the year surprises I need every minute I can get.
I always like to make the last few days enjoyable for the kiddos without missing final reviews and I created my Survival Package.  It is perfect for the final two weeks of school.
It includes 6 fun filled topics with curriculum review.
Today is Ice Cream...and what better way to review states of matter than a yummie root beer float!
We will also read text and recall the facts.
Practice writing for detail and finally...
make ice cream cones where the possibilities are endless...
graph favorite flavors
write favorite events from the year
decorate your lockers
decorate your door

So stay tuned as I share the "fun filled, meaningful" ideas I use to end the year!
For just the ice cream packet find it here...

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  1. WOW, that looks like fun!! We have an ice cream day in September, I think this little pack is just what this teacher wanted!!