Thursday, May 22, 2014

Ready for a "sweet" treat?

What a great time we had with watermelon!  The last two days have proven to be worth the effort to create this packet.  It really was SWEET!
We began with learning about it grows, the parts of the melon, that it was a fruit.
From there we extended our experience into how does it taste.  While tasting we created a list of descriptive words.
Now that we had actual experience and knowledge about the watermelon we used it as a springboard to enhance our reading, writing, and word work skills.
The kiddos tasted and then collected data about watermelon. 
The poem is adorable...perfect for reading and a great pre activity to the data collection.

A favorite book of mine but tough to find so there are two other guided reading suggestions.
Perfect and familiar to all...Down By the Bay.
But who has not wondered what happens to those seeds that you swallow?
A darling story and is on UTube if you can't find the book.

This little mini book is filled with informatin about watermelon.
After reading we took a test to see what we remembered.
We then went back and found the answers in the texts.

Word work is plentiful.
Syllables, making words, and parts of speech.

After all of these experiences the children had plenty to write about!


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