Thursday, May 8, 2014

Great finds for end of the year surprise!!

Okay all...I stopped off at Target last night to purchase something totally unrelated to school and found these!  So I raided the $1.00 bins and now I will have goodies to last me forever with some adorable themes.  Oh, and I left the "beach balls" at home so just use your imagination.
Something to the theme of "Glad I "caught" you..." or "What a great "catch" you were..."
Any other ideas?

We had a "bucket" of fun!
We'll have a "bucket" of fun for the beginning of the year.
Any other ideas?

These I got busy on last night!  I can't wait to share them with the kiddos.
We had a "ball" this year.
Kiddos can sign with permanent marker.
This I am giving at the party.

The end is near but hope these give you some ideas!

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