Friday, November 13, 2015

December Picks!!!

In planning ahead here are some of my favorite December items.
Best of all they connect to standards that are a must to teach. If you have got to teach them why not have fun and make it relevant to real life experiences.
So take a minute and browse this entry.  I will have samples and a bit about each item. There will also be a direct link for you to find it. Here is what I have chosen in my ...

I want to start with my brand new items because I think they will really prove beneficial in the area of Literacy.
This features four stories.  
Dream Snow/Eric Carle, Mooseltoe/Margie Palatini, Bear Stays up for Christmas/Karma Wilson, and Snowmen at Christmas/Caralyn Buehner
**Each of these is online as a read aloud story if it is not in your library.
Every comprehension strategy is covered between the four stories.  The activities are created so they will be productive for all levels of writers.  I also included an answer sheet to give YOU ideas.

My next choice is Writing Activities with Creative Page Toppers.
I love these as there is a self check for the independent writers.
There is also a rewrite and a final copy.  Best of all when the kiddos are finished writing you have work to decorate your room.  The final write pages are single lined or include writing lines.  Your choice!

This packet needs very little explanation...Word Searches.
Perfect for whole group, centers, I'm done what now...type of activities.
Bonus it includes a December Calendar.

This item is amazing and is featured on my blog here. 
The story is positively delightful and will bring a smile to you and your classes faces!!
I know you will enjoy the activities as they focus on word work, literacy skills, writing, and even some math games.  It would make for a perfect day of learning!!

These items are ones I have developed for a full year.  
I love the calendar.  It is a daily booklet for weather, date, and a math review of the standards.
December focuses on word problems for the daily math review.  The temperature page is perfect for more, less, how much more or less. It also includes numbers for the calendar and vocabulary for posting.  

This is the poem packet.  I love doing a poem a week.  This is perfect for that.  Each month contains four poems.  I am updating them each month. Each poem contains a visual, book mark, activity, and cut and paste in order with illustration.

This is one of my most popular items and perfect for the month of December.  Take a trip around the world and discover holidays and traditions.  Best of all it is prefect for the making connection section of the standards. Each child will get a passport and then there is a packet with informational text, colorful vocabulary, and activities for each area the children visit.  It ends with graphic organizers for making connections and writing.

I am going to include the Gingerbread Unit here as well because it includes a section on sending their gingerbread person to a friend in another location and having them send something back.  It is a "take off" from the Flat Stanley theme.  My classes gingerbread people have been all over the world!!
This packet also contains literature with several book selections and activities related to them as well as word work, writing, and mathematics.  I assure you there is such a wealth of activities to explore and create.  Sorry but I only have room to post a few. You could dedicate time for an entire...

Jan Brett stories...
Wild Christmas Reindeer
Who's Knocking on Christmas Eve
Home for Christmas 
Christmas Trolls
Each story has a word work, writing, and comprehension activity to accompany it.  I will show you just a couple here.  There is also vivid vocabulary and an adorable, simple craft.  If you love Jan Brett you will love this!
 Find it here.

And we can't forget this delightful favorite...
Activities are provided to create a delightful day ending with a treat!

Each has been updated and I know they will not disappoint!!


As always I hope this is helpful.  Thinking of you all at this wonderful yet hectic time of year!


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