Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Veterans Day Read Aloud Suggestions!

I realize this is a tad late but maybe you can tag it for next year.  As I was going through some of my titles for suggested topics I ran across these and think they are perfect for read aloud before, the day of, or after Veterans Day.  
I especially like this book because it explores the branches of the Armed Services.   Many young students are unaware of the branches.  It also addresses sacrifices many military families face.  Kevin Scillian does a wonderful job of using the alphabet to share about our military.

Two wonderful stories by Melinda Hardin.  Yes, both moms and dads work in the armed forces.  
I love the idea of how the boy compares his mom and dad to SUPERHEROES!  

Its message is long as their are men and women serving in the military there will be family waiting for them to come home.  

I share this one because what a fabulous project for a class.
Make HUGS to send to our men and women overseas.
If you have never made a hug before they look like this.
Faces should be decorated by children.  You can print the message I prepared or the children could each write one.

No matter what you choose just don't skip the opportunity to involve your class in an activity about Veterans Day!


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