Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Holiday "How to..." book!

There was...
How to Babysit Grandpa and How to Babysit Grandma...
NOW from that same special author Jean Reagan there is...
I guarantee this book will not disappoint you but bring a smile to your face.
It is clever and filled with ideas that will spark the imagination!
The creative ideas suggested are delightful!

Pages that I have prepared to accompany the story.
First what questions do you have for Santa?
And what do you want to tell Santa?
What fun for the writing center!!
And you must ask the kiddos how they would catch Santa.
There is a pre write and then pages for final drafts.  Also under writing there is an opinion page.
To encourage discussion there is a roll and discuss page.  

There are comprehension pages to support cause/effect, predictions, main idea, and summarizing.

The packet is filled with vocabulary activities to included in your "word work" center or they can be completed independently.  Vocabulary cards are included.

Games to enhance math skills are included with different levels.
Roll and subtract from 10...
Roll and move...
Roll and add 2...
Who will catch Santa first?
Enjoy this amazing new story!!

And a FREEBIE for you!


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