Sunday, November 22, 2015

Using Informational Text to Read and Write!

What terrific winter topics to embed Information Text Standards into your curriculum.

Both packets use suggested literature.

They also have wonderful, yet simple, crafts to accompany them.

Mini books filled with informational text and vocabulary underlined are included in the packets.  They can be copied and each child have a booklet they can read and highlight key text to complete the activities.  
Arctic...Arctic Animals, Polar Bears, Inuit
Penguins...Life of a Penguin

Comprehension activities that stress use of strategies are included in both.
Gathering Details
Making Inferences
and more...

Both packets include graphic organizers for gathering facts and then activities for reporting...writing informational text.

And I did not forget word work.
My favorite is using the text to write definitions of key words.
There are word searches and vocabulary for posting.

Other items are also included such as data collection, and book marks.


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