Sunday, December 20, 2015

Dental Health...SMILE

February is Dental Health Month so this packet can be used throughout the month to enhance students focus on "teeth" and caring for them.

I think the craft is so cute and can be used as a "page topper" for this writing.  It would also be perfect on a bulletin board.
As always vocabulary is included for posting in the writing center, around the room, or the word work area.

The literacy suggestions are adorable and accompanied by comprehension activities.
Here are samples from two of my favorite.

Reading for detail is always important to me.  Students must use text to find facts.  In this packet there is a mini book for each student and an independent activity.

 Here they can use the text to recall the facts.

And YES writing is included using graphic organizers for collecting thoughts and details with a final write page.

Word Work includes dental health vocabulary.
Here are a few samples.

Using the imagination is added in thinking what the tooth fairy might look like in your mind.
and then poetry is included.
Students will use the poems to again find detail and complete activities.

Finally some cute activities for the students to take home.

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  1. Hello Michele, I purchased your packet and thank you for all the work you put into creating it. Quick question, the top craft was not included in the packet. Was this supposed to be included?