Wednesday, December 2, 2015

"SNOW" much fun!

I have SNOWMEN on the brain so let's do some blog hoppin' and see what I've found.
HINT...even if you don't live where it snows these activities just might bring a bit of excitement to your classroom and a look at experiences, due to climate, other children have in other parts of the world.

First here is a look at some of my favorite class read aloud stories.
I am definitely adding 100 Snowmen to my 100 Days of School list.
It is delightful with some fancy adding taking place to find 100!

In my class we made adorable snowmen for the parents and snowmen for the kiddos.
The sock snowmen are so cute!!
Check it out here.

I found this on YouTube with a Step by Step.  Pretty cool!  **Note: we used a hot glue gun.
Ane I got socks in the $$$dollar bins.  Kiddos can bring their own socks as long as they are clean. Ha!!

Look at these adorable treat bags from Club...Where crafty is contagious.  I especially love the marshmallow one!  There is even a free pattern for the head!

I tried these for treats for my class only instead of the nose they used I put an orange M&M. I saw another post where they used mini chocolate chips for the eyes and mouth.  What fun to make!
Thank you Very Heatherly!

This is so cute and think how perfect to put "hot chocolate" in.  
Thank you to the Party Mom.

Speaking of Hot Chocolate...

These are all over Pinterest but this one is from Learning in Spain.

And look at these adorable snowmen from Glyph Girls and a fabulous study of snow from 
Kelly Smith.

So bundle up...catch a snowflake...have fun!!

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  1. Michele,
    What adorable ideas. It never snows where where we live, but my students love to do snow and snowman activities. We'll definitely have to try a few of these. Thanks for sharing them.
    First Grade Schoolhouse