Monday, December 7, 2015

USA...President, Elections, Symbols!

The month of February always brings to mind Presidents, which brings to mind the USA!
This is a perfect time to use informational text to read, write, and engage in activities to promote a better understanding of America's past and present.  The activities that follow are perfect to embed into your curriculum.

                                    Find it here.
The literature for this topic is delightful and will help primary students better understand todays Presidential duties as well as past presidents.
Abe Lincoln's Birthday
February 12th
George Washington's Birthday
February 22nd
Presidents' Day
February 15th
Use these dates to plan your lessons.

 These page toppers are simple to make and perfect for displaying in the classroom.  The vocabulary cards can be used for posting, ABC order, or a writing center.

There are informational text mini books on Abe Lincoln, George Washington, and the President.
These are each followed by a Word of the Day for student to explore definitions, and information about the topic.

I love this compare and contrast activity.  Students can read and sort after reading the informational text provided.

 Writing activities are provided on all three topics.  Each writing activity has pre writing activities to help students gather their thoughts.

I also added poetry for each topic.  The poems are informational and followed by a comprehension strategy.

 Each topic also has Word Work activities for your literacy center or whole groups.

Doreen Cronin has once again written a delightful story about life on Farmer Browns Farm.
She has filled it with challenging vocabulary and processes that take place in an election.
Here are some of the activities I have provided to accompany the story.

To end the lesson students an vote for Farmer Brown or Duck.
Who will your class elect!!

This packet is perfect to introduce the primary student to the American Symbols.
Each symbol contains...
Informational text
Word Work

There are two simple crafts for a bulletin board or posting.

The packet contains vocabulary for posting and suggested reading titles for read aloud. 



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