Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Happy New Year!

 I just love this packet for three reasons:
It allows students to compare and contrast two different celebrations of New Year's.
It enhances understanding and fact building of the two celebrations.
It contains cross curricular activities.
Let's take a closer look.

 Even Writing is a part of the packet.  Both look at building thinking to create.
With both there are crafts to support the activities.
There are several book suggestions with comprehension activities to follow the read aloud.
Here are two examples of the activities.
Included in the packet are:
Lion Dance:  Recall
Lucky Money:  Red Envelope activity with making $$
Bringing in the New Year:  Story Elements
The Night Before New Year's:  Recall
Squirrel's New Year:  Sequencing

 There is informational text on each celebration.  This text is in the form of mini books with pictures for the students.  They can be taken home key words can be underlined, and they can be read and reread.
Following the text there are T/F sheets that students can look back in the text to answer. I only placed the Chinese one here.
For deeper understanding there are Reading for Detail activities.
There are also two compare and contrast activities to conclude the celebrations.
 35 Vocabulary Cards
Terrific math game for a center or partner work. 


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