Thursday, April 28, 2016

DIY Projects

 I fell in love with some of the new "clothespin" necklaces I have seen on Pinterest.
Knowing that I had limited resources I took a chance on some inexpensive items to create one of my own.

I purchased a package of clothespins.
Next I pulled the wooden pieces apart to take out the wire piece.
(I saved the wooden pieces.  Not sure what I will do with them yet.)

I threaded a pretty white ribbon through the spiral where the chain was on the necklace I saw.  
Any color ribbon would be lovely.
Then I used inexpensive beads from Hobby Lobby.  Mine were wooden but I think most any would work depending on what you wanted to spend.
This was the end result.
What mom would not want to wear this?
Not very child created BUT what if you used string and they put beads on either side.
With a beautiful card made by them I think Mom can wear this!!
Next, I post this every year BUT I just LOVE pinwheels.
My concern with children is using PINS to attach the pinwheel so instead I used a paper fastener with long prongs and attached it to a craft stick with a pipe cleaner.

But check this idea out!
How simple.  Just make sure the pencil is not sharpened. Or that would also work with the craft stick.
Here are the four steps.

1.  Cut a square.
2.  Fold in half into a triangle and then in half again.
3.  Cut almost to the center.
4.  Fold every other point to the center.
5.  Paper punch.
6.  Insert paper fastener. (Do not fold tabs back tight)
7.  Wrap pipe cleaner around the paper fastener on the back.
8.  Wrap around the craft stick.


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