Friday, April 1, 2016

School's Out for Summer!

Looking for a few memorable activities to end the year with.
This packet is for YOU!

It begins with a Student Poster and a Memory Book.
The Memory Book is 8 pages and you can pick some or use all!
 Students take time to reflect what they learned through the year and YES what their teacher taught them.  There is Data Collection and a page for writing about the data.
 I LOVE these.
A page for the class to identify students.
Writing Wizard
Amazing Artist
Marvelous Mathematician
and More.
The AWARDS are so cute.
There are 20 altogether.
M&M   Marvelous and Magnificent 
Starburst    Papers worth a Star
Congratulations Wrist bands and tags for "O-fish-ally ___"
Snack or reward.
 I always love doing these.
What the child thinks you will miss about the class and student's write what they think YOU will do this summer.
 And yes there are some for them too as well as a Word Work activity.


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