Sunday, April 3, 2016

Teaching the Primary Child To Proofread!

Teaching proofreading to the primary child can be a challenge.
In fact just getting them to REREAD and make MINOR corrections is a challenge.
This packet is designed to help the child "take a closer look" at their writing and begin to make changes.

The packet begins with the edit signs for proofreading.
At the beginning using all of them may be too difficult.
Start with one at a time.
There a are six used here:
Capital letters at the beginning of a sentence and names.
Spaces between words
Commas when making a list
Reread to make sure it makes sense.
There are also simple checklists provided for the students.

Each skill has a poster with eh appropriate mark and explaining the strategy.
There are four sample practice sentences to do with the class.
Finally a practice page for assessment.

 Here are the other samples of the pages provided.


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