Monday, April 4, 2016

Research for the Primary Child

In reviewing the Common Core Standards research is a part of the curriculum for all grade levels. 
I think it is great!
What a valuable way to stimulate critical thinking, foster gathering valued facts from text, and to discover new information about a number of topics.
Added to the above is the practice students will develop using their writing skills to prepare their research report.
As students share their report and presentations others will learn from the information presented.
Research fosters the development of independent learners and that is a key element to success in the educational arena.
There is only one problem . . . helping students organize their thoughts and work so they are reporting on pertinent information can be difficult.
 For that reason I prepared this packet filled with graphic organizers, steps for collecting valuable information, and a number of ideas on how students might report.

I hope this packet  helps as you implement research into the primary curriculum.
It begins with a cover for ladies and one for gentlemen for a booklet or folder.
Organizers for identifying topic, finding resources, and posing three questions your want to research.
There are then 4 pages, one for each resource, to put four key facts on.
Here are two examples of the pages to collect key words and photos.
Finally, pull it all together.  
Here are 4 examples of ways students can report.  
There are more in the packet.


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