Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Hop on board...It's the Polar Express

All aboard!!
Let's enjoy a day on the Polar Express.
This packet is FILLED with activities to encourage learning while the kiddos are having a good time.
Check out my Pinterest Board for even more ideas.
I love to send a note home to parents sharing with them about the special trip.
I encourage the kiddos to wear their PJ's and a robe but do not make it mandatory.
Slippers are to be brought in a bag and shoes worn.
I keep the slippers for the classroom only.

Complete the comprehension activities after reading the story.
Pick your favorite or kiddos can choose their own.
I love having the  children gather round to listen to the story.
I tried the movie one year but found it was scary for some of the children.
At the end...have that bell ready.
I have bells tied with red ribbons for the class BUT do not pass them out until the end of the day.
Too tempting to ring and too easy to lose. 

There are several writing activities

as well as word work and vocabulary for posting.

There are two wonderful math games to partner up with.
One focuses on doubles and the other is subtraction from 10.
Finally there is a train treat the kiddos can make.
A note to parents asks for donations.


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