Thursday, November 3, 2016

Math Games...Geometric Shapes...Winter Themed

I just love games to teach mathematical strategies and ideas.
Games provide for practice and reinforcement.
Games are a tool that encourage students to TALK about math and strategies.
Games provide an opportunity to group ALL students and provide support.
Games allow for DIFFERENTIATION!
Games are a way to keep ALL students ENGAGED.So here are some for geometry!

There is a home connection sheet explaining to parents what the students are working on.
There is also a mini book with plane shapes and solid shapes.
Above are the first few sample pages.

I LOVE these two games.
Build a Snowman and Shape Bingo.

Just as you see the games here there is a set for plane and for solid shapes.

Here is an activity page for cut and paste and the cards for the I have...who has?


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