Thursday, November 17, 2016


With winter on the way learning about snowflakes can be so much fun.
If you don't live where it snows learning about snowflakes can be all the more fun.
Have a SNOW DAY!! or a SNOW WEEK!
The literature available is outstanding and YouTube has wonderful videos available.
Be sure to check out my Pinterest Board for some fantastic ideas on creating a fun filled day for your class.

Let's begin with informational text.  There is a single page and a mini book.
They explain and define snowflakes as well as share how a snowflake is born.
To follow up the study there is a true/false page.

In terms of recall there is a cause and effect page, a sequencing activity about how snowflakes form and a detail page for recall.

Yes, word work and vocabulary are added.  
Vocabulary is key to understanding and why not add a little word work with the vocabulary.

Finally the children will enjoy writing about all the details and facts they gathered.
There is also opinion writing and a snowy day class book where kiddos can share what they like to do in the snow or what they would do in the snow on a SNOW DAY!
I have also included a count and graph page and a Snowflake Bentley sensory page.


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