Friday, November 11, 2016

Snowy Day Friends...another snow filled packet!

I cannot lie...I just love snowmen!
This packet is filled with "snowy day friend" literature and activities.
Five of my favorite stories are used.
Snowmen...all year, at work, at night
There was a Cold Lady
Sadie and the Snowman
All You Need for a Snowman
Each story lends itself to critical and creative thinking.
They also lead students into a study of words and excite students to write.
Perfect for sequencing and cause and effect.
Ideal for using our imagination, opinion writing, and story order.
What would you use to build a snowman?
Be creative!!

And there is so much more...
Parts of Speech, ABC order, Words that compare, compound words, word search, making words
There is informational text ab out snowmen and the history, labeling activities, and tons of graphic organizers followed by three differentiated final write pages and a class book cover.
There are four math games:
Two for odd and even
Addition to 10
Finally there is a page topper to include on the writing you decide to post and vocabulary cards ready for posting.
Your class will love listening to the literature and then completing the activities.


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