Friday, February 17, 2017

Ben Franklin

Ben Franklin was a famous American.
He is known for his writing, inventions, and leadership.
This packets allows students the opportunity to read, write and learn more about this special American Hero.
Perfect for research practice.
Before beginning the mini lessons I suggest you read this Now and Ben by Gene Barretta.
What an amazing story about Ben Franklin!
There are three acuities to accompany this story or that can be used without it.

Lot's of opportunity for reading informational text in 3 different forms.
After reading students can complete the True/False page and highlight the facts in their text.

Creating a timeline helps student's understand the progression of his life.
Opportunities for exploring one of his sayings and creating an invention are included.

Differentiated graphic organizers provide opportunity for gathering facts.

There is lots of word work and vocabulary study.

Differentiated pages for writing are also included along with covers to create class books.


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