Wednesday, February 8, 2017

You Must Have Been a Beautiful Baby!

Kiddos LOVE seeing their baby pictures and learning about what they were like as a baby.
This packet also fits perfectly with the NGSS about babies, life cycles and how they adapt like their parents(genes).

I love the vocabulary for posting (16 cards)
Crafts a baby boy and girl.
Perfect with a sign...You Must Have Been a Beautiful Baby!

Notes for parents to send in baby pictures and a letter telling about their child as a baby.

Posters for posting the pictures and a sheet for the kiddos to guess who the baby pictures are.

The packet includes graphic organizers, writing pages and final writes. (not shown here)

There are many literature suggestions and comprehension strategies to accompany them.
I LOVE Alligator Baby.

And because I am a FIRM believer in building vocabulary lots of word work.


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