Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Teaching Comprehension Strategies with favorite April Literature!

Teaching comprehension can be so much fun using favorite literature pieces that fit with the month.

April features ecology (Earth Day) and one of my favorite's is 10 Things I can do to help my Melanie Walsh
Strategies are Author's Purpose, KWL, and Background Knowledge.
Look at the colorful skill cards for posting AND there are teacher directions in the packet.

Next and Then It's Spring by Julie Fogliano.
It's focus is Main Idea, Cause and Effect, Sequencing.

This book is SOOOOOO cute...Garden Wigglers...all about WORMS!
It focuses on Summarizing, Inferences, and making Predictions.

You'll want to start April with Arthur's April Fool by Marc Brown.
The focus here is Friend or Bully.
Students will compare and contrast, define, and make a decision about what the action is.

The packet ends with a connections page that fits with ANY piece of literature.


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