Friday, March 3, 2017

Frog and Toad...Author Arnold Lobel

Who does not LOVE Frog and Toad?
No matter the age these are timeless stories.
They teach of friendship and sharing which always warms my heart.
Lower level readers enjoy them because they feel like they are reading chapter books!

There are three adorable crafts for posting.

The vocabulary is colorful and fun for posting.
There is also author information on Arnold Lobel.

Each chapter book begins with a page for students to identify their favorite chapter and share why.
I like to do this before reading and say what attracts you about the chapter's title.
Then there are comprehension and writing activities that accompany each book.
Due to the size of the slide I could only show a few for each book.

Word work is focused on vocabulary from the stories.
Syllables, Rhyme, Parts of Speech, Antonym/Synonyms, Making Words, Definitions, ABC Word and a Word Search.

I included science in  this packet.
There is a mini book on Frogs and Toads...identifying characteristics, life cycles, diet, definition of amphibian.
There is a life cycle activity for both the frog and the toad.
There is a compare and contrast page with cut and past features.
All of the Frog and Toad stories can be found on YouTube.


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