Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Beatrix Potter Author and Artist ... FREE

April is the perfect time for sharing author, artist Beatrix Potter and her popular tale...Peter Rabbit.

Read about Beatrix Potter and then have your class recall the information shared.
There also includes a word search and 3 differentiated writing pages for final thoughts.

The packet also includes the history about the Tale of Peter Rabbit and a short description of the story.
Following have students write short clips on the graphic organizer.
There is also a summary page...somebody,wanted, but...
Then I love having the kiddos think about the story... will Peter go back?...does his mom know where he has been? ... and finally making a prediction.

The packet continues with a word search for Peter Rabbit, a sheet for you class to write Peter a letter, and a sensory the garden Peter might see, hear, touch, and more!


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