Saturday, March 18, 2017

A "MELON" ideas to celebrate WATERMELON!

A "MELON" ways to celebrate!

The craft includes ideas for end of the year or writing about watermelon.

And these cute little toppers can be used for treats.
On a stick with a cupcake or on a baggie filled with special treats.

Lots of word work with 12 colorful vocabulary cards for posting.
Making words, parts of speech, adjectives, syllables, word search

Informational text includes a single page and also a mini book.  Following the text is a "watermelon chat" for recording facts and a reading for detail that can be used for assessment.  Be sure text is used when answering the true/false.

And there are two exploration activities.
My Watermelon, and Sink or Float

I love this adorable poem.  It is followed by a detail activity and data collection.

Writing includes informative and opinion as well as writing about data.

Two of my favorite stories are used for literature followed by fun filled recall activities.

Even math is included in this packet.
Addition, subtraction and odd/even


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