Tuesday, March 28, 2017

May Calendar...Daily weather, calendar, and math review!

I love to use these each day with the class.  
There is no better way to embed real life math into the classroom.
Each child gets a journal.  Here is a picture of the cover.
It includes two daily chants for memorizing math facts.

There is a calendar for recording the date, a weather chart for recording the weather and a temperature chart.
How many sunny days have we had?
Have we had more sunny or rainy days?  How many more?
Is it warmer or colder today than yesterday?
How much warmer?

The journal page includes teaching students two different ways to write the date.
It asks for the temperature and has them make comparisons.
I uses the number of days of school for place value, odd/even, and more.

Finally check out the vocabulary included as well as numbers for the calendar or tracking the number of days.


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