Sunday, March 12, 2017


Children and adults alike have a fascination with bubbles!
Bubble bath, bubble gum, scrubbing bubbles, blowing bubbles... 
Enjoy a bubble day with your class.
It could be an end of the year day, a reward day, or a day of exploration!

Step one is to purchase a bubble bottle for each child.
I like to have them on their desk as they arrive in the morning.
A little ribbon and the label make them colorful.

Vocabulary is included and ready for posting.

Informational text is included.
What are bubbles?
Are bubbles transparent?
Why are bubbles round?
Why do bubbles pop?
Experiment, read and find out!

Experiments and response sheets are included as well as a simple assessment.

I love these two poems as they include more information about bubbles for the class.

I have even included a little math and literature suggestions with activities to accompany them.
These stories can be found on YouTube.


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