Tuesday, March 14, 2017

A class of "Happy Campers"!

After completing these activities you'll wish you had s'more!!
Let's have a camp day!

There is a mini book talking about the history of camp and camping activities.
There are also colorful vocabulary cards for posting with pictures.

Vocabulary includes:  word search, making words, ABC order, and parts of speech.

The data collection sheets are so much fun for the class as they pole their peers.
What is your favorite activities to do while camping?
Have you ever been camping?

There are cute pictures for kiddos to create a going camping booklet writing sentences.
I love the "scary" story they write using vocabulary and students read sentences for asking or telling.

There are 4 differentiated activities for writing a "how to" for s'mores.

Also included are graphic organizers, sensory writing, a little to parents explaining the camp day.

Math includes addition to 10 and 20 and doubles.


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