Saturday, March 4, 2017

Froggy Stories...Author Jonathan London!

When you want to giggle and feel that making a mistake is okay, Froggy stories are just what you want!  Froggy is a favorite of most every child and adults love sharing them.

The packet contains colorful vocabulary for writing which is helpful as students create opinion, narrative, and how to stories.
There is also an article on Jonathan London.  Children will enjoy learning more about this special author.

I LOVE the crafts.  They make a perfect bulletin board or are so cute hanging in the classroom.
The packet covers many but not all of the Froggy stories.
Did you know in April 2017 the next Froggy story is coming to you?
There are opportunities for kiddos to share what their favorite story was.

Ever story presented in the packet has 2 activities to accompany it.
Gets Dressed, Baby Sister, Dog, Soccer, T Ball, Swimming, Cake, School, First Kiss, Tree House

Word work uses vocabulary found in the stories. 
Word Search, Word Endings, Make Words, ABC Order, Syllables, Rhyme, Word Sort, -ake work, and more!

We end with a touch of science.
What is a frog?
What is an amphibian?
Graphic Organizer for gathering facts.
Life Cycle 
Paragraph Writing


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