Monday, November 26, 2012

Did someone say gingerbread? or "freebie"

ep this week we begin our Gingerbread Unit.  I know it sounds early but I want to get our letters and gingerbread people sent out so we can get responses in return.  I thought I would try and keep you posted on what we will be working on each day and provide you with a little "freebie"!!
A collection of stories and a Gingerbread creation.

When the students enter they will have their weekly journal on their desk as well as a Gingerbread Person to create.

Our writing center words and pictures for incentive.

We will be focusing on Nouns, Verbs and Adjectives

Can you guess what we will make today?
This packaged dough is so easy and tasty too!

After decorating their people the notes will go home to parents about sending them to people across the USA and beyond if they know of anyone.

All ideas are packed into this  100 page packet .
And don't forget it's a SALE today and tomorrow.

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  1. I love Gingerbread activities, I will be doing my gingerbread activities in January. Thanks for sharing your ideas! I am also new to the blog world. I love reading others' blogs. I am just learning how to post items. I haven't figured out how to post pictures and things I create, but I will. I am looking for teachers who would like to participate in an exchange project. Please visit my blog to find out more ~