Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Gingerbread Friends...and freebie!

Today is planned for Gingerbread Friends.  We will begin with the story and then a little information gathering and writing.  The activity will end with students editing their writing and sharing their thoughts about where they would go to meet friends.  Oh and of course making a friend to display in our room.

During our "Math 4 You" rotations the children will be focusing on  greater than and less than as well as a little addition fun.  These little frog hoppers are great for kiddos who struggle with counting up and back.  You can find them at Really Good Stuff.
The freebie today is the Addition Page. Click here to download.


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  2. Hi! What font did you use for the gingerbread adding? When I tried to download it, the font was skewed and not fitting in the box. I wondered if I needed to find the same font??