Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Late Start...what is rigor?

I am so glad today is over.  I was totally stressed because I was on the team of ELA to provide the inservice for our Late Start today.  We decided we wanted to do a presentation that dealt with the importance of rigor in the new standards.  I thought I would share the PP I prepared for today.  It has two outstanding videos embedded in it.  The one you click the girl holding the flag and the other you click video.  If anyone takes the time to look at this or to watch the videos please comment.  Thursday tomorrow.  Time is really going too fast!!

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  1. Wow-this is outstanding! I haven't had a chance to view the embedded videos, but I read through the whole presentation. I love how you explained "rigor" and how to achieve that in the classroom. I will definitely be sharing this with my first and second grade teammates. Thank you so much! Great Job! Appreciate you sharing this!