Friday, November 22, 2013

Happy Friday All...#fullmoon#exhausted#onlytwodaysnextweek

And if you read the title it says it all!  This was such a long week and the kiddos are all pumped for that off with a full moon and you have one teacher who can't wait for the weekend.
But then the weekend will bring shopping and getting organized for the family Thanksgiving.LOL!!
You gotta love holidays!
Okay here is the slide I promised you...not the cute font cause I am at school.
I'll try and fix that tomorrow.
This is the 100's one but there is also one for 10's.

Also, I am just a bit ahead of the game but wanted to send all the turkey and November things home to decorate the kiddos home.
Thank you Pinterest!!

Happy weekend everyone!

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  1. The sliders are terrific! They will come in very handy. AND those snowmen are absolutely adorable! Thank you!