Sunday, November 17, 2013

Happy Weekend!

I have been so bad about posting despite the fact that we have been so busy in the classroom doing some amazing things! We spent a week on the Colonial Americans and topped it off with a trip to the historical village.  Last week we explored the Native Americans in three different regions of the United States.  One of the kiddos brought in a tepee and we have had a fabulous time taking turns reading and writing inside the tepee.  This week it is going to be "turkey time"!  We are reading informational text as well as several fiction stories and I have some absolutely "turkey-ific" craft planned.  I promise to get pictures to you this week.

This weekend I finished a packet on Place Value to accompany our math program.  It is filled with games and activities to support the development and understanding of place value.  Games are accompanied by a work mat as well as record keeping sheet which makes assessment easy!  Students can complete the games independently in a math center or with a partner.  I am sharing a little freebie with you!  Enjoy...Michele


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