Saturday, November 30, 2013

Welcome December! #letthemadnessbegin

Welcome December!  It sounds so strange.  When my kiddos left on Tuesday I said "see you next month" and of course that brought a smile to their face.  I am so THANKFUL though that before I left all my "turkey" things came down and all my "snowman" things went up so when I walk in on Monday I will feel ready to begin the winter months. For all you in the warmer climates ... jealous!!
As you know I always try to stay a month ahead with my packets.  So the last few days I have been "madly" updating and adding to my January packet list.  The basic focus here is INFORMATIONAL TEXT and our writing will focus on RESEARCH to assure we are meeting the required Common Core Standards.  Each packet also includes crafts, language activities, word work activities and more!!
So this post is going to show you my January items and my outline!  Hope it is helpful to you.

So you can see I begin with Jan Brett and two of my favorite stories The Hat and The Mitten.
My favorite part about this packet is that it includes two Reader's Theaters with picture identification cards.
The freebie is a wonderful compare and contrast of the two stories followed by two writing activities.

Next I move into my Arctic Unit.  This has been totally updated and improved so if by chance you purchased it last year be sure to look.  This covers a number of Arctic Animals, the Inuit people, informational text mini books, vocabulary and many other activities to really enhance every area of your curriculum.  This comes with three of my favorite crafts...easy and quick to create. The freebie has a little data collection activity and is followed by a paragraph building activity.

Martin Luther King is also an event in the month of January.  Again this packet has be completely updated and improved.  I love the story that accompanies this packet...The Crayon Box That Talked.  It is a perfect  way to begin discussion on "equality" and appreciating "differences".  The freebie is a delightful poem and activities to follow.  There is an anchor chart poem and bookmarks too!

Next I have snowmen down BUT I am going to change that to Penguins.  It fits with our Arctic Study as we move to the opposite end of the globe.  This packet is so much fun and has some delightful fiction stories to accompany it.  Again there is informational text and research activities.  I have not finished it yet but have a third craft I will include for a cute little "stand up" penguin.  Keep your eyes open. The freebie is a label page followed by identifying different and alike for penguin and bird.  
And we cannot leave January without a calendar and vocabulary for posting.

By clicking below you will get the anchor chart and all the January vocabulary cards.

My final January item is my Poem packet.  These are new this year and I LOVE them.
The freebie is the Martin Luther King Poem.  
And so everyone...Hang In There!  These packets and freebies certainly will help and allow you to enjoy your vacation vs. digging for ideas!!  Michele


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