Monday, November 18, 2013

Turkey-ific fun!!!

We had so much fun this morning with our guided reading story, comprehension, and then a little super simple craft that I think will make every Thanksgiving table look fantastic.  The perfect centerpiece or at least a project set out to decorate for the holiday.  The tails are just a coffee filter painted with water color.  All the rest is just construction paper, a little glue, and I ended up stapling the wings to assure that they stayed in place.

Next I wanted to share the tepee I was talking about yesterday and a photo of us at the historical village where we toured an original log cabin, a school house, a barn, and a train station.

I also thought you would like to see how I plan my months in advance.  The one is my outline and the other is the calendar for the parents.  Both can be found in my packet on Lesson Plans.

Finally here is the slide from the Place Value Packet.  I will put it up as a "freebie on Friday" so check back.
This one got a little damp coming into school as we had a good downpour after a "full moon"!  Michele

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