Friday, June 26, 2015

Classroom Forms and Binder Cover...a freebie!

I am so excited about this Classroom Form Packet.  I think it will save you hours of work and the entire packet is completely editable.
Should you have questions about how to edit follow these simple tips.
*** You will open the document in Power Point.  It will open like this.  Because I have taken a picture of it the clip art and font will not change.  All you have to do is type on it just like you would any Power Point slide.  Open a text box.  Pick your font.  Add away!!
Open the freebie I provided for you and practice typing your name and school year.

Get your binder and yourself organized for the upcoming school year with these editable classroom forms:
Teacher Binder Cover
Side bar for binder
Class List...2 styles
Parent Contact, phone, email
Student Information...number, password, birthday
Student Checklist...perfect for marking assignments return, grades, parent helper
Class Birthday Monthly Chart
How We go...2 styles
Where Can We Be...Special Area Schedule, Lunch, Recess
Week at a Glance...Days, To Do, Notes
Calendars for each month
Newsletter Templates...2 styles
Supply List
Homework Template
While You Were Gone Template
Behavior Notes...Proud of You, I Can Improve
Parent Note...transportation, absence, contact me

I am sure I've missed something and if I have let me know.
I am happy to make it for you!

Here is the Editable Power Point Binder Freebie!


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