Saturday, June 27, 2015

Sunday's Bundle...Math

This is a great bundle for focus walls, vocabulary, and games.  It covers Common Core Standards for a full year of first grade.
Number Sense
Place Value
There are games as well as tools for you to use to help students develop math strategies and skills.
Because of the games students will be cooperating and communicating which only strengthens building math concepts.
They are perfect for centers, parent helpers, and small groups.
I built it to accompany Math In Focus but it would be helpful no matter what program you are using.

This is the Bundle.  I have it priced 50% off.  There are a total of 490 pages and is selling for $15.
 This is a sample chart that can be sent home to parents. Home/School Communication
Chart for your focus wall.

I can for students or focus wall.

Vocabulary cards for posting.

Sample of tools included for each concept.

Sample games included for each concept.

And of course for you a freebie.
This is the first Chapter of the Unit to give you an idea of what it is like.

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