Friday, June 12, 2015

Watch Me Grow...Common Core ELA and Math...I Can...Assessments...Teacher and Student Checksheets!

Hi all!
Sorry I have been away from FB so long but between closing my classroom and putting my house on the market to sell life has been busy.
The best news is though I have had time to create!!
All last year I worked on creating the perfect student packet for me to use as assessment, the student to use as a guideline, and the parent to get at the end of the year to see the progress their child made. I did it!!
A wonderful collection of student activities to be shared month by month.
Collect and have a "full year" of activities for parent and student to "Watch me grow!"

I Can Statements for posting in room, centers, and tracking independent student growth.

ELA standards, teacher checklist, I can..., and assessments.

Math standards, teacher checklist, I can..., and assessments.

The complete bundle at a tremendous discount!!

I think you will find the assessments and the student portfolio the perfect way to start next year with a success!!


  1. Thanks so much Michele, this is great! I have to admit, I've had that problem with the TPT notification emails too. But I always appreciate a freebie or sale!
    Thanks again,

  2. Thanks so much! This is wonderful. :)

  3. Thank you. This is a great freebie. I dont always go into TPT and I dont seem to get the emails either . Just my lucky day.

  4. bummer- did I miss this??? I will check out TPT :)