Saturday, December 17, 2016

Dental Health

February is Dental Health month.
Your class will have a lot to SMILE about after completing this packet.

The craft can be used to decorate a door or bulletin board.
This little goodie needs no pattern.  Simple shapes make an adorable "I lost a tooth!" display.

Several pieces of literature are suggested to enhance the topic.
Each literature piece is followed by a comprehension activity.
Predict, recall, sequence and more.

There is informational text in the form of a mini book and then a reading for detail page.
Each are followed by assessment and graphic organizers for collecting facts.
Not shown here are pages for final writing copies.

There is a toothbrushing song in the form of a mini book followed by a game and activities that focus on how to keep teeth healthy.

Word work is also included.
I especially love the vocabulary for posting.
Colorful and includes pictures.

For at home activities students keep a tooth brushing chart for a week.
There is also a door hanger in both color and black and white for coloring.
Writing about the tooth fairy can also be completed.
Finally the packet ends with a book to make about students who lose a tooth.

I use a three ring binder.

Each student has a page for making tallies of when they lose a tooth.

In the pocket I keep badges run on full page label paper for the students to wear that day.
I also reward them with a treat.
Inexpensive from the Dollar Store or Oriental Trading.

Finally I keep baggies on hand to put the tooth in if it is lost at school.
This is also available as a "freebie"!

Erasers from Oriental Trading.  They also have pencils.


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