Thursday, December 1, 2016

Gingerbread Day!

This packet is perfect for keeping students engaged just before the holidays!
Celebrating Gingerbread Day will be so much fun!

Begin with the story of the Gingerbread Man.
There is a mini book for each student with a gentle ending...yep, the Gingerbread Man outsmarts the fox.  To go with it there are the following activities:
Questions for the Gingerbread Man
Story Retell
Sequencing (not shown)
ABC Order
Subtraction Game to 12 
And an adorable gingerbread craft.

Next you can fill your library with a variety of Gingerbread Stories.
You can read them to the students or encourage them to read them on their own.
The activities include:
Data Collection on favorite stories
Comparing two gingerbread stories
Sharing what they have in common and student favorite
Word Search

Next your students have seen, tasted, and even read about gingerbread cookies, men, and houses but do they know what gingerbread is??? or the history???
Time to find out with this piece of informational text and an opportunity to write about it.
There is also making words with gingerbread and a little taste test.  (what piece will you bite first?)

The packet ends with Hansel and Gretel. (Again a gentle ending as Hansel and Gretel safely escape and return home happily ever after!)
There is a mini book for each student followed by:
Cause and Effect
Sensory Writing
Character Chat
Parts of Speech 
Roll and Win (Add and know greater or less than)


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