Thursday, December 29, 2016

Valentine's Day is on the Way!

This packet is filled with ways to celebrate Valentine's Day with activities that support your curriculum!  It is perfect for centers, creating bulletin boards, and keeping students engaged!
You will LOVE it!!

There is a frog for...I'm "toad" ally yours! or Froggy's First Kiss
And an owl for..."Owl" want our for my Valentine!
Included also are colorful vocabulary cards for posting with pictures.

Informational text includes a single page as well as a mini book to put together for each student.
There are assessment questions that follow and a KWL page.
Also included are several read and explore pages.

In the word work are skills covered are:
syllables, parts of speech, blends and digraphs, making words, word search and more.

Writing includes using vocabulary to write a creative story as well as:
narrative, informative, sequential, opinion.

The literature packet focuses on these stories:
Will you Be My Valentine?
Arthur's Valentine
The Day it Rained Hearts
Valentine's Day...Gibbons
A Valentine Ballad
Froggy's First Kiss
An Old Lady who Swallowed
They focus on sequencing, story elements, summary, recall and more.

There are plenty of games and activities in the mathematics section to keep your class excited about math.
Valentine heart data collection, Collecting data from classmates, Creating patterns, Subtraction to 12, Doubles, and Addition to 10.

Your class will LOVE these activities.


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