Monday, December 12, 2016

Groundhog Day...February 2nd

What do you predict this furry little guy will see?
Your class will enjoy this packet and all it has to offer to enhance the primary curriculum.

The characters are adorable to make.  Students can write about groundhogs or their predictions.
Vocabulary cards are also provided for posting.

There are three different forms of informational text:
Page description, Close read, Mini book.
These are followed by graphic organizers for idea gathering.

The reader's theater is so much fun and has cards fro identifying characters.
The packet also includes a poem and an activity sheet to follow.

There are a number of activities for making predictions.
These are ideal to do one or two days before the actual day.

Word work includes syllables, parts of speech, making words.
Grammar includes sentence or question.
Math includes 3 games: addition to 12, subtraction to 12, and doubles as well as a graphic organizer.

Three literature stories are suggested and include comprehension activities that follow.
Writing includes Opinion, and Informational.
There are plenty of activities for centers and whole group activities.

This packet has explorations using SHADOWS.


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