Saturday, December 10, 2016

Presidents' Day

February is always perfect for bringing in some history and take a look at today and our presidents.

This packet has two cute page toppers to add to student writing for display.

Here are some samples of vocabulary although there are more that accompany the section on George Washington and the section on presidents.

Here are samples on Abe but again there are two other sections with similar activities.
Informational text includes:  single page, mini book, poem, close read.

Pages are included for recording information and taking a closer look.
Two of my favorites are the word study and the penny flip. (there is a quarter flip for Washington)

Activities include compare and contrast for the two presidents Washington and Lincoln. 
There is a background page on Donald Trump and I plan to make some comparisons using him also.

As an extra there is a "literature" story included where students will look at a teacher/president.
So much fun!!

Finally pages are available to guide students through research on a specific president.
Final reporting pages are included as well!


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