Saturday, January 7, 2017

Monkey Business with Five Little Monkeys!

Is your class ready for a little "monkey business"?
These 6 delightful stories are entertaining and provide topics that your students can read, write, and build vocabulary and phonics skills.

Elaine Christelow has created a number of stories with five of the cutest monkeys ever!
The six in this packet are:
Going Shopping, Washing the Car, Sitting in a Tree, Bake a Cake, Jumping on the Bed, and Nothing to Do
Your class can relate to each of these topics.
Here are two little monkeys to decorate your room.  I use crafting paper for colors on the PJ's and then construction paper for the craft.  Everyone will love walking by to look at them.
How about creating a tree to place them around?
There are also 8 colorful vocabulary cards for posting.

Word work is plentiful.
Word search, syllables, rhyme, parts of speech, -oo-, -ea-, making words

Here are some of the activities to follow each story.
I love to divide my class up.
I assign each group to a story and then they can complete the comprehension activities to follow.
There is a writing activity for each story and there are also final copy pages for students to use.
When the groups have completed their projects they make a presentation to the class about their story.
You can be creative.
You can also do a story a day.

Finally I ended the packet with pictures to be laminated so that the kiddos can retell the story to one another.
Just copy, laminate and cut.
This is excellent for students to work on expression and recall.
Also helpful for those that struggle to express themselves.

I think you and your class will love all this "monkey business"!


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