Monday, January 2, 2017

Successfully starting 2017 with your class!

I just love this because just like the class heading back to school after a break can be difficult.
Despite the fact that we have had time away from the classroom the holiday festivities may have taken a toll on, decorating, parties, company, and more.
The same is true for the students.  They have also been busy and I can almost guarantee the bedtimes and morning routines have been altered.
So let's face it when that alarm goes off for the first day back teachers and students may wake with the feeling of..."Do I have to get up?".

Here are some tips to be sure that first day back is 2017 will be a successful one.

We have all heard this and do this but I think that it is even more important after a break away from school.  It is comforting for the class to see your familiar figure standing at the door and smiling while letting them know how good it is to be back!  For those students a little anxious it will be calming and for those dreading returning my just find your warm smile something to get excited about.

There may be extra time needed by you to take care of notes, money, tears, and more on that first day back so make sure your students are occupied with something they can do independently and will enjoy.
I always like to have an activity that allows them to share what they did over vacation.
I differentiate them for those that write and those that will need to draw.
Students who finish early can draw on the back.
One of our first activities of the day then is to share.
We get in partners.  Students share with their partner.
We then gather as a whole group and the partner shares what their partners favorite part of vacation was.

Even though you have not been away that long reminding students of the rules and procedures as you go through the day is helpful to assure a cooperative classroom. Pay more attention on the first day back to those students following appropriate behavior and really praise them.
"I really like how..."

On that first day back I like to use a Literacy Packet to fill the day.  These packets are designed for students and YOU the teacher to make choices in the areas of word work, writing, comprehension, and even contain mathematic games.
They all begin with a favorite story.  A nice time for students to gather again and share some quiet time with a good story.
Discussion follows the story.
Comprehension activities are chosen.
There are plenty of word work choices as well as writing.
Crafts accompany each packet. (A nice way to decorate your room as all the holiday decorations come down.)
I also like to include a snack of sort that might relate to each one.
Tacky...gummy fish or gold fish
Snowmen...check out my Pinterest site.

Here are some of my favorites.


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