Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Teacher time saving tips!

I think ALL of us have felt like this on more occasions than once!
So I want to share two helpful hints that help me save time when I am preparing a lesson.

Most of my lessons contain a mini book for students.
I have prepared most all of the books now so you can follow this process.
Run the books using the collating tab.
Remember you have two books per collated set.
Once sets are complete staple the mini books set.
If you are going to trim the books you must staple inside the black line.
I DO NOT recommend this unless you have older students that can trim their own book.
Otherwise the staple is best outside the black outline.
Now just use the paper cutter to slice through the middle.

The next shortcut is preparing patterns for your student's craft.
Run the patterns on the color paper identified at the top of the page.
To save paper you may have to cut some pieces apart. (see collar and face)
Then set the papers on the students desk.
Make sure there is a pattern hanging for them to look at.
Now all the student has to do is cut, create, and paste.
I outlined these because it was tough to see in the photos but your students will see the outline easily!


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