Sunday, January 1, 2017

Tacky...Crafts and Literacy Activities

Inspired by this delightful story and odd character I developed this packet filled with literacy activities and a bit of math too!

Tacky is odd which is ideal for using adverbs and making connections.
There is a wonderful message to be gained from this story.
The crafts include a penguin, a penguin with the Hawaiian shirt, and a page topper.
Simple and yet so cute for posting.

There are several comprehension activities:
text to self
story elements
identifying central message
character identification 
Allow students to make choices about what they will complete or divide your class into groups to do each of the activities and then have them share the details.

Writing includes:
Idea gathering for Tacky, the perfect penguins, and the hunters.
Writing includes descriptive, informative, sensory.
Again allowing for choices is an option here.

Word work covers these topics:
Parts of speech...nouns, adjectives
ABC order
making words
All activities use vocabulary from the story.
These are perfect for the word work center.

There are three math games.
One is subtraction to 12, another addition to 12 and what needs to be added to make 10.
Super for partners.


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