Wednesday, November 8, 2017

Candy Cane Day!

Have your class wear red and white.
Purchase all sizes of candy canes...some for eating and some for measuring.
Celebrate a Candy Cane Day!

Here are some cute stories to read on that day.
And don't forget to check out these videos:
So cute for candy cane fun!

Have the students experiment with ways to use a candy cane and then share why the shape of the candy cane supports this use.

There is an adorable penguin to decorate the class with.
Have you kiddos design a new color and flavor for their candy cane.

Measuring with candy canes is always so much fun.
Perfect for math candy cane day.

This activity is fun.
Use numbers.
Color squares.
Create a candy cane.

Word work is and ane, abc order, parts of speech, make words with peppermint .

Writing about candy canes.


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